Speak out against noisy raceway

Posted: Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On Wednesday, May 11, the City of Kenai's Planning and Zoning Commission will meet to consider the Twin City Racing Lions application for use of the raceway for the coming year.

The newest application refers to "raceway activities," but does not specify what activities are intended. Drag racing? Motor cross? Mud-bogging? No time limits or other restrictions are stated in the permit. Under their 2010 permit, Twin City "raceway activities" included drag racing, sprint car racing, snow-machine racing, motorcycle racing and four wheeler racing.

The noise resulting from all such "raceway activity" is a nuisance, and an environmental hazard, recognized by the EPA. The borough's land use permit expressly prohibits the creation of any environmental hazard. The raceway is such a hazard. The public interest is not being served by the raceway.

In fact, raceway activities adversely affect the enjoyment of surrounding businesses and neighborhoods. Proximity to the race track is affecting the value of commercial and residential properties within the City of Kenai. Neighboring property owners are burdened with the need to disclose the raceway noise problem, or risk liability for non-disclosure. The City is only requiring the Twin City Raceway to provide $1 million in liability coverage. This is plainly not enough to protect two or three people, much less the entire public, if something goes wrong.

The City of Kenai has expressed concerns regarding the raceway's proximity to the city's primary water tables, but these concerns have been ignored.

I urge everyone to attend the meeting and oppose issuance of the conditional use permit sought by the Twin City Racing Lions. If you can't attend the meeting, contact your representatives.

Dennis Barnard


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