Iditarod should come clean on mushers who failed drug tests

Posted: Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Iditarod Trail Committee has reported that two Iditarod mushers have tested positive on THC. ITC will not disclose the identities of the two dopey mushers. The reason for this is because they are in the good old boy network receiving special privileges and double standards. You can take it to the bank, that if they were women, Natives or other minorities who tested positive on their drug test, ITC would hang them out to dry. This is not the right way, but the white way. It is ITC's different strokes, for different folks.

The next thing that ITC does not have is drug testing transparency for the dogs on the trail. No one is allowed to see the drug test results. Why is that? How does any one know that the dogs are in fact drug tested? The grey hound and sled dog committees in the Lower 48 allow every one to see their drug test results. How can dopey mushers provide human care for their dogs on the Iditarod trail? It has always been said that some mushers hallucinate out on the Iditarod trail. Now we know why.

John Suter,

Iditarod musher from 1988-'91


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