Lesson in 'Alaska Economics 101': Alaskans own all state's resources

Posted: Monday, May 12, 2003

I can't recall the number of times that I've heard people, mostly politicians, make the false statement that our citizens pay the least amount of tax in Alaska. The indisputable fact is that we pay the most! Learn the facts and educate your elected officials.

Our state is "incorporated." The citizens own our natural resources, not property owners or politicians. Our state receives royalties for our resources, which would be income for citizens residing in the lower 48. The fact that we receive a tiny percentage of that royalty in the form of a permanent fund dividend does not mean that our state gives us anything! It simply reflects the fact that they have not taken everything, yet.

However, this fact will likely change as our state's appetite for our royalty money in unappeasable. It's incredible that our elected officials feel that they are entitled to our money. It's even more unbelievable that Alaskan citizens stand by and allow this to happen.

Educate yourself. Find out why we are the "owner state." Protect the future for our children. Demand a real vote to constitutionally protect the permanent fund dividend. Our current Legislature and our governor must not have heard about the 1999 advisory vote. Remind them before it's too late!

Shari Conner, Kenai

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