Changes needed to keep America bright

Posted: Thursday, May 12, 2011

The justice represented by the death of Osama bin Laden and the courageous work of the Navy Seals and our intelligence community should prompt the American people to demand that our heroes in the regular Uniformed Services, our Reservists and our National Guard members be brought home to their families and communities, and that all economic efforts at "nation-building" be redirected to the creation of jobs for Americans and strengthening our reduced transportation and energy infrastructure.

The 10 years of military operations have not been constitutionally authorized by Congress. Only when our national interest is directly in jeopardy should we be spending American blood, sweat and tax money in foreign countries. Instead, we continue to provide American weapons to dictators who use our weapons against their citizens, especially the young who have no jobs and are protesting the corruption and hopelessness of their situation.

We need to be working on creating jobs for American youth so that we will not need to use force against their protests. The $14.3 trillion National Debt has created a hopeless situation for our children and grandchildren and the corruption of our government by all political parties has left cynicism in place of confidence. Our federal government has demonstrated a continual presumption of their belief to over-reach their authority and over-restrict American enterprise, commerce and liberty. The government does not produce jobs. It is the private sector that produces jobs -- especially the middle class entrepreneurs.

As written in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution, the federal government's power is limited. The States and the people of those States hold sovereign power. We need to exercise that power by requiring a balanced budget and putting a flat tax in place for the corrupt income tax system. The problem is not revenue, the problem is over spending.

Nation-building should be restricted to America. We have millions of citizens now in harm's way from flooding and tornadoes and we do not have the needed workforce to aid and protect America lives, farms and businesses. As during the 9/11 crisis, our emergency services providers will risk their lives to protect us and yet after the disasters we will forget their heroic efforts. We permit unlimited numbers of illegal aliens across our borders while we refuse to properly fund emergency services and our veterans' services -- especially traumatic brain injury.

How can we allow the traitors who caused our financial meltdown and foreclosure crisis to profit from the the Wall Street bailout and receive millions in bonuses? How can we be providing tax refunds to people who pay no taxes? Why do we have a taxpayer subsidized healthcare system that takes better care of the pharmaceutical industry than our needy senior citizens?

As long as we depend on the Middle East for energy and the Chinese for financial security, we are headed for collapse. America is still a shining example to the world but that light is dimming as we continue to write bad checks.

Dave Carey is mayor of the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

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