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Posted: Thursday, May 12, 2011

The following poems earned awards in the Flag Poetry/Essay Program sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Jerry V. Horn Memorial Post 10046:

The Freedom Flag

Heidi Watkins, Aurora Borealis Charter School

The freedom flag waves high in the air

I see the flag almost everywhere

At schools, businesses, parades and even my home

From the sunny beaches of Florida to snowy Nome.

The red stripes on the flag represent valor and bravery

The white stripes show purity and innocence

And blue signifies justice, perseverance, and vigilance

A star for each state, a stripe for each colony.

The Continental Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes

In the year of 1777

It's still flying high today in 2011

At first we had thirteen stars

And now we have fifty

The American flag is so pretty.

Forever in freedom may you wave

You really are a grand old flag.


Addison Downing, Connections, Sterling

The world is a complex place,

with countries, boroughs, counties, and states.

And every republic has laws that they've made,

to avoid suicide, murder, stealing, and raids.

Every President, Governor, Mayor and their kin,

want people to have pride for the place they live in.

So if countries or counties go through bad times,

they'll believe in their country 'cause "This country is mine."

There are many different ways to make people be proud,

to make them think their country is world renowned.

There are stats, speeches, and symbolic stickers or tags,

but the best way to produce pride is using flags.

Flags are large pieces of fabric and yard,

but they can be flown on skyscrapers or barns.

Flags are quite versatile and they can be,

flown for millions of people to see.

Flags make adults loyal to thee,

because they think of the things they got to do and see.

Flags make kids think of history class,

they think, "Wow, our country has done great things in the past."

Some people believe that flags are just for,

distinguishing their country from countries next door.

But I think a flag is used for so much more,

a symbol of pride for rich and for poor.

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