Democrats forcing Republicans to live up to conservative label

Posted: Tuesday, May 13, 2003

It's often confusing to understand the source of proposed legislation. Are the interests of our state and society at stake, or are the politicians pulling another fast one to benefit the shadowy figures that helped get them elected? As we get older we become wiser; yet, every once in a while there's an occurrence that defies every preconceived notion held by even the most enlightened.

Sometimes understanding is easy, as is the case with our governor's bills eliminating the Alaska Public Offices Commission and allowing paid lobbyists to contribute to legislators outside of their district. Pre-Murkowski special-interest legislation that proposed spending $1 billion over 25 years for a publicly funded private prison to benefit a corporation that, through its executives, contributed more to the campaign chests of incumbent legislators than any group ever was a no-brainer.

However, the Democrats' latest move to protect the permanent fund has to astound even the most politically savvy.

The Republican majority needs a few Democrat votes to crack the Constitutional Budget Reserve for $500 million. So the Democrats decided to force the Republicans to become the conservative leaders they campaigned to be. Thank you, Democrats!

Call your Republican legislators and request a real vote to constitutionally protect the permanent fund dividend. If you miss this chance, kiss fiscal responsibility bye-bye along with your future dividends. This may be your last chance.

James Bounds


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