Despite what governor says, income tax fairest way to tax

Posted: Tuesday, May 13, 2003

I will say this for Gov. Murkowski, he is not content to rest on his laurels. The mushroom farmer got elected by feeding us bull pucky. Now he is trying to convince us that an income tax (the fairest tax of all) is a bad tax for Alaska,

but a sales tax (the most regressive tax) is the best tax for Alaska. How many of us are going to be ignorant enough to fall for his act a second time? Besides the legislators, that is.

An income tax can be constructed that falls the heaviest against outsiders who come to Alaska to take the money and run. A sales tax misses them, but it will get all Alaskans. Of course, considering that the Legislature refused to even hold hearings on a cruise ship passenger fee, then proceeded to push a sales tax, what else would you expect?

An even bigger pile of bull pucky is his claim that he wants smaller state government, and it is the solution to our problem. Hey Frank, you're the governor! You're in charge! Instead of making claims, you should be doing something. Oh, I know you're cutting agencies your logging friends hate. Plus, you're cutting in places that other special interest groups don't like. Yes, a few cuts here and there and a whopping sales tax will get you through your term to retirement, but it will only make Alaska's fiscal problem worse!

An orderly honest downsizing plan is needed. Until it is done and implemented, Alaska will never become fiscally sound. The problem is that apparently neither the governor or the legislators have the capability of even starting. Even with honest downsizing, more state revenue will be needed. An income tax is the best choice of bad options. The free ride is over!

Obviously, we're not going to get this from Frank. He got elected governor, so he has had all the glory. Go out on top, Frank! Resign and give Leman a chance. I don't think he could do any worse.

William J. Phillips


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