Don’t make bears a problem

Posted: Sunday, May 13, 2007

The end of the school season heralds the start of the summer, whether or not everyone is ready for it.

Mother Nature doesn’t wait for us to untangle the fishing tackle or service the lawn mower before it shakes off winter. The leaves are budding, ground frost is melting and bears once again are awake and looking for food.

Don’t let them find any at your home.

That’s the message the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is trying to spread. Problem bears become such at the hand of humans. They’re big and they’re hungry, and if they learn to associate easy meals with people, bears lose a little of the wildness that helps protect them — and us — from negative interactions.

We at the Clarion are happy to help get the word out.

Every Friday we’ll run a bear update from Fish and Game detailing where bears have been active, what they got into and how residents can prevent problems around their homes and neighborhoods.

Bears are magnificent creatures to see, but not when they’re harassing your pets or digging through your garbage. So pay attention to attractants around your home — use bear-resistant trash cans and empty them regularly, properly fence up livestock, forego the bird seed and suet, don’t leave out pet food, clean up the grill and in general be bear aware.

For more information on preventing negative bear interactions, contact Fish and Game at 262-9368, and watch for the Clarion’s bear activity updates each Friday.

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