Special skills required for turnaround work

Posted: Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In response to Pat Hawkins article in "Letters to the Editor" on May 7 regarding Tesoro not giving the opportunity to hire local citizens, it is far from the truth. Maybe before one speaks they need to have the facts before speaking out loud.

Turnarounds are a big undertaking for a company, even like Tesoro, which requires the help of not only local workers, but those who have specialized skills from out of state, that are not available in our state.

I would like to point out how this turnaround is bringing revenue into our community. Hotel establishments, restaurants, rental car agencies and equipment rental companies and others not mentioned. Our whole community is benefiting from this turnaround.

Would you hire a plumber to work on your car? Or ask your local mechanic to build you a custom home? I don't think so. I would want the right person for the right job.

I'm sure Tesoro did their best to hire as many locals as they could based on the availability of workers that we had in our community.

I hope those in our community who are working hard at Tesoro have a safe and successful turnaround completion.

Howard Woodford


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