Return to normal activity quickly with ART treatment in Kenai

Posted: Thursday, May 13, 2010

ART stands for Active Release Techniques and it is the specialty of David Edwards-Smith LMT who is now practicing in Kenai at Koob Chiropractic. "ART is a soft tissue manual therapy with a medical patent, that utilizes over 500 protocols that provide a means to effectively and rapidly resolve stressful repetitive strain injuries without surgical intervention, and allows patients to quickly return to their normal activities," explained Edwards-Smith. "My job is to get a sense of exactly what tissues are causing the dysfunction and that includes an extensive history of the patient, to figure out what activities on a daily basis might be contributing to the problem. Then once we have identified the tissues that are causing the dysfunction, we then use our hands and patient motion to effectively reestablish motion between facial planes, thus reducing fibrous adhesions and reestablishing neural and myofascial glide between tissues," he said.

Active Release Technique now available in Kenai.

According to David ART has a 90% success rate and is effective in the treatment of peripheral nerve pain, repetitive strain injuries or cumulative injury disorders such as some types of soft tissue dysfunctions including post-surgical recovery, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, whiplash, and sciatica. "ART is not massage therapy or Rolfing. It is not physiotherapy or chiropractic care and is not like other soft-tissue or massage techniques. I work to get you pain free into your healthy activities as quickly as possible. I don't want to be seeing patients over and over again. I want to help get you well as fast as possible, and with ART you should see an obvious change within the first visit. My happiest moment is when I say I won't need to see you again and the patient is educated with strategies to stop the condition from returning. ART therapy brings permanent resolution to conditions that have been considered untreatable and has been recognized by OSHA as a first aid/wellness best management practice for preventing muscular discomfort from becoming actual recordable injuries," said Edward-Smith.

For more information or for an appointment you can reach David Edward-Smith at Koob Chiropractic in Kenai on the Spur Highway by calling 283-5414, or visit his website at

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