Sounds of small aircraft squelch Upper Trail Lake quality of life

Posted: Friday, May 14, 2004

Well, today, Tuesday, all the birds went away. The sounds of their breeding calls and fledgling whispers are erased for yet another tourist season. No more owl calls in the middle evening. Today Moose Pass becomes obstreperous with the sound of small aircraft. From before you can have your morning tea to past your bedtime, the noise never ceases. Every five or 10 minutes they are landing, taking off or taxiing far further than they need to. No longer can I hold a normal conversation or use the phone from my lawn chair. No longer can I even do that in my living room! I have to actually go to the back of my house to hear on the phone!

The situation is intolerable to some of us living on Upper Trail Lake. The planes buzz our homes and businesses, and I've even seen them brush my big spruce. The decibel level is no doubt twice or more what is allowed by law without hearing protection. Upper Trail Lake is an echo chamber so the sound remains long after the planes are in the air. The incessant whining is like being barraged by mosquitoes on a grand scale. No more Mozart while I garden. Why garden, since I will not buy this property, because of the noise. The best time of year is ruined by this deafening intrusion. Property values are nil, unless you are deaf or own a plane.

I am sure the businesses that operate are grandfathered somehow, but that is no succor for me and others who do not even reap any gain from their existence. No one lives directly on Lower Trail. Why can't they operate there? What can be done? Do you now see why we don't desire helicopters on top of it all?

Who can we turn to? The borough turns a deaf ear to the eastern side of the peninsula. Who will listen? We can't hear!

Andi Flanagan , Moose Pass

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