To politicians, cutting state spending will be last resort

Posted: Thursday, May 15, 2003

I find it very disturbing that the politicians have decided to spend our permanent fund dividend. Their latest claim that the IRS will take the dividend if the people vote to constitutionally protect it is ridiculous. Their position is obvious. The permanent fund dividend is theirs!

The facts are simple. If our state chooses to continue to spend over $7 billion every year, the only way to continue this level of spending is to take your permanent fund dividend. Alaska government spends $14,270 per person every year! Why?

Where will they get funds, after they spend the dividend? Don't the politicians recognize the need for a long-term budget plan? Their lack of action to reduce state spending ensures one outcome: After every dollar from the permanent fund dividend is devoured and private business is decimated, then they will be forced to cut the budget.

Perhaps most remaining citizens will then work for state government and would vote to spend the principal of the permanent fund, allowing their party to continue for another 10 years. They could retire comfortably in Hawaii, as Alaska will then be the most highly taxed and undesirable place to live in America. Where do you plan to be 10 years from now?

Who's steering this vessel? Should we be planning for our Alaska future or looking for another place to pillage after this state goes broke? Wake up, Alaska!

Laurie Churchill


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