Legislators anger reader

Posted: Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The latest revelations about lack of ethical behavior and criminal activity among Alaska’s legislators are nothing new. What is new is the bribers have gotten caught, have seemingly decided to finger the bribees and hope for leniency in exchange for their cooperation with the U.S. Department of Justice.

With leniency, the bribers will only get about 10 years prison time and a large fine. If there is no parole, that’s OK.

However, the bribees are elected lawmakers, who have sworn to uphold the law. These legislators are worse than the VECO bribers because they know all the implications of laws. They create the laws. Therefore, lawmakers who break the law for money are just about the lowest form of animal on the planet.

How unprincipled can a person be who would sell his soul and career and risk giving up his family and going to prison for a few thousand dollars in credit card bills? It’s almost as selfish and cowardly as people who (try to) commit suicide without telling their loved ones why.

If these lawmakers are convicted, 20 years in prison would be too good for them. They have openly violated the trust of the people and the laws of our society.

If examples are not made of them, the result will be more of the same — as it has been in the past.

What I really feel about these people, the Peninsula Clarion would not print, and rightfully so. These recent revelations may be just the tip of the iceberg.

Richard Hahn


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