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Posted: Sunday, May 15, 2011

For some, the results of a recent patient survey regarding levels of post-care satisfaction at Central Peninsula Hospital are surprising.

For others, those results -- which indicate CPH ranks higher than the national average and highest in Alaska in patient satisfaction -- reaffirm what many already knew.

It's clear we have an asset in CPH, and more specifically a well run and well maintained hospital our community can take pride in.

CPH staff, such as chief executive officer Ryan Smith and chief of staff Gregg Motonaga, should be commended for their work to make the hospital a great place to receive care.

In a recent interview with the Peninsula Clarion, Motonaga was asked just what the staff of CPH does to make sure patients are satisfied with their care. He was taken aback at first, searching for a way to answer the question and properly describe the issue.

In short, Motonaga said all the CPH staff -- from surgeons to physicians and certified nurse aids -- seek to meet patient needs regardless of whether it takes more time out of a busy schedule or is convenient.

If that's truly the case, it is easy to see why CPH has received such high praise. But, the hospital cannot stop there. It is important staff remember the philosophy of patient-centered care that has taken it so far. It's one thing to reach a level of excellence, but to maintain it is another and it would be a shame to stop building on such high praise. After all there are other benefits, including financial compensation, the hospital receives from high patient ratings.

But what's most exciting about this ranking is what it will create among regional health care providers. With such an asset, other healthcare providers will likely work to match, if not exceed the CPH's level of care. When there is competition to provide quality health care, the obvious beneficiaries are patients.

Either way, patients have something to be thankful for -- an emerging and exciting local health care industry with high expectations of itself to provide a high level of care.

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