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Posted: Thursday, May 16, 2002

Pena is Royals' choice for manager

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Tony Pena the manager promises to be just as tough and combative as Tony Pena the All-Star catcher.

''I believe you go out and play hard baseball,'' said the new Kansas City Royals manager, renowned during his 18-year career as one of the major leagues' most aggressive players.

''I believe in that. There will be rules and we're going to have to follow the rules.''

A five-time All-Star while with Pittsburgh and St. Louis, the 44-year-old Pena was introduced Wednesday as the replacement for Tony Muser, who was fired April 29. Hired off the staff of the Houston Astros, Pena signed through the 2004 season.

Rogge says IOC ready to act in doping cases

LONDON -- When Russia's top cross-country skier tested positive for drugs at the Salt Lake City Olympics, the IOC stripped her of one gold medal but let her keep two silvers. She may soon lose those medals, too.

IOC president Jacques Rogge told The Associated Press on Wednesday the panel was now prepared to remove Larissa Lazutina's remaining medals on grounds that she failed two drug tests two months before the Winter Games.

He said the IOC would act once the International Ski Federation, known by its French acronym FIS, announces its sanctions against Lazutina next month. Rogge also said the IOC executive board will rule next week on recommendations to disqualify two Austrian cross-country skiers, both non-medalists, over the use of blood-transfusion equipment during the games in February.

Finley, wife trade abuse, drug accusations

ORANGE, Calif. -- Actress Tawny Kitaen and her husband, pitcher Chuck Finley of the Cleveland Indians, accused one another of domestic violence and drug abuse in dueling court documents obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press.

Petitioning to regain custody of their two children, Kitaen claimed that Finley started a fight that led to her arrest in April. She also accused him of alcohol and drug abuse, and said he took steroids.

In his petition to keep custody of the children, Finley alleged that Kitaen's ''acts of domestic violence and chronic drug abuse place the children at risk.''

De La Hoya: Tyson's a 'circus act'

NEW YORK -- Oscar De La Hoya's love of boxing makes him despise Mike Tyson.

''He's a circus act and he's killing boxing,'' De La Hoya said Wednesday night. ''He's disgusting. It's sad and depressing. There are so many good boxers and he ruins it for everyone.''

Sitting in an elegant restaurant in his neat pinstripe shirt, tie, silver cufflinks and dark blue suit, De La Hoya seemed the anti-Tyson: a bright, well-spoken, gentlemanly fighter.

As he spoke of his upcoming super welterweight title bout against Fernando Vargas, De La Hoya digressed to talk about the effect Tyson is having on the whole sport.

''I love this sport, but I hate what's happening,'' De La Hoya said. ''A lot of young fighters try to imitate the guys at the top, and he's the worst role model in the world. I don't think he's acting anymore. I think he's seriously sick.''

Bob Arum, who has been promoting boxing for more than three decades, said Tyson's antics are hurting the purses of fighters at all levels.

''He's the biggest disgrace in the history of boxing,'' Arum said. ''There's never been an insane fighter at the top of boxing. He should be locked up in an asylum instead of having people pay to see him. That's what's so horrible about the sport: Everybody is catering to an insane man. Everyone is paying money to see a mentally defective fighter.

''The young kids act like idiots trying to emulate him. It's everything that's wrong about the sport and society. He's had a catastrophic effect on boxing.''

Tyson, who has been jailed for rape and suspended from boxing for chewing off a chunk of Evander Holyfield's ear, added to his ugly history in his recent comments about his bout next month in Memphis against Lennox Lewis.

''On June 8, flesh will not be enough,'' said Tyson, who took a bite out of Lewis' leg during a news conference. ''I will take Lennox's title, his soul, and smear his pompous brains all over the ring when I hit him.''

''My hope,'' Arum said, ''is that Tyson gets blown away by Lennox and he just fades out of boxing.''

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