Greater Kasilof area overlooked again by officials in borough

Posted: Friday, May 16, 2003

I was disappointed to see that the Kenai Peninsula Borough has neglected to include the areas of K-Beach, Kasilof, Cohoe and Clam Gulch in public hearings to assess the transportation needs of our communities.

Our transportation needs are of no lesser import than elsewhere in the borough, but once again, we in the greater Kasilof area are under-represented at the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

The borough is in the process of updating its transportation plan and have set up numerous public hearings in many communities in the borough. Since no public hearings are scheduled in our neighborhoods, a discussion of our need for transportation maintenance, repair and new construction on roads, harbors, trails and airports has been pre-judged to be of a lesser import than of those communities that do have scheduled hearings.

If we are to have any input, it seems we are expected to travel to another community and compete with their views of what's needed.

On our own merits, we need to be represented, recognized and our needs should be addressed. Many of us are not entirely happy with continuing to pay our taxes, continuing to have little or no representation and continuing to see our tax money spent elsewhere in the borough.

I urge you to contact the borough and demand that we are not excluded and that we benefit from our tax money on an equal basis with the rest of the borough.

Paul Zimmerman, Kasilof

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