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Posted: Tuesday, May 16, 2006


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No Name Creek may not have a name, (or No Name may be what some un-named person named it) but it’s certainly been getting a lot of attention from the students of Sears Elementary and Kaleidoscope school of arts and sciences in Kenai. Last week some 60 students, teachers, parents, and staff members of the Kenai Watershed Forum gathered to haul up the trash that had been thrown down and into the creek over the years.


Students, parents and teachers from Sears Elementary and Kaleidoscope school team up to clean up No Name Creek

According to Shelly Brenneman, of the Kenai Watershed Forum, the kids at Sears Elementary and Kaleidoscope school adopted the creek last fall and have taken a big step in helping their community in taking care of their creek, “They have been visiting No Name creek and taking water samples and collecting water quality data every month since September, and what they noticed was that there was a lot of trash along the stream banks and actually in the creek and they decided that what they wanted to do at the end of the school year to help protect the creek and make the water cleaner for fish and all the other life forms was to clean up the trash; and they have done an awesome job here today and we are really proud of the work they have accomplished,” said Brenneman.


Students, parents and teachers from Sears Elementary and Kaleidoscope school team up to clean up No Name Creek

A conglomeration of items including doors, sign posts, couches and huge cable spools were removed from the creek by the team, “I just think people don’t want to fill their trunks with trash so they just think there’s a big space down there so they throw it down, but I sure wish they’d take it to the dump like they’re suppose to it would make a lot less work for us and be a lot better for the fish and animals that live here,” commented seven-and-three-quarters-year-old Kyle. The team did agree that it was fun to get out of the classroom and that they were learning a lot about how important the water shed was to our community.

The program is part of the Kenai Watershed Forums in-classroom educational program that has been going on throughout the school year.

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