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Posted: Friday, May 16, 2008

Concerning Robert Small's letter to the editor in the May 13 issue of the Peninsula Clarion: From small minds comes small thinking. This guy is so far off base I am wondering why you even gave him newspaper space.

Kudos to Mark White, he hit the nail right on the head. Of course Jeff Selinger, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game guy, is only concerned with not killing any bears anytime. So when one gets into trouble and it is their nature to do so when living around dense populations of humans, he is going to blame everyone and anyone that is involved, except the bear.

If there is a bird feeder, dog food, an outdoor freezer or relative not buried deep enough, it's going to be whoever owns any of the above items fault. People have to realize, bears do these things regardless of what you do or try to do.

And I just love the question of the week in the Peninsula Clarion. Maybe we should ticket ADF&G for managing our sockeyes to return in large numbers as that seems to destroy more bears feeding on them up on the Russian River in Cooper Landing than anything else.

Anyone wonder why we have such a small moose population and why it is getting smaller all the time? Too many bears are one of the major reasons. Get real, Mr. Small and try to think outside of the (small) box.

Kenny Bingaman


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