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Posted: Tuesday, May 17, 2005


  Ross Baxter sinks his disc for birdie at the new Kenai Disc Golf Course.

Ross Baxter sinks his disc for birdie at the new Kenai Disc Golf Course.

There is a new golf course in Kenai and you don't need a putter or golf cart to play, it's a disc golf course and all you need is a Frisbee or golf disc to play. "Disc Golf is just like regular golf but instead of using clubs to hit a little white ball, you use a throwing disc which is like a sophisticated Frisbee to throw at the basket, thus the hole, and the fewest throws win. Just like there are different golf clubs there are special throwing discs that are weighted differently to make them fly in different directions to make the best shot," explained disc golf promoter Ross Baxter. Baxter and Kenai Parks and Recreation director Bob Frates recently erected a sign at the new Kenai Disc Golf Course in preparation for the grand opening slated for June 4th. The new course is located at the end of Tinker Lane off the Spur Highway in Kenai behind Oiler Park.

According to Baxter although disc golf may be new to the Kenai Peninsula, it is a sport that is recognized all over the world, "It's a year round sport as well, people play at sub-zero temperatures and there are even tournaments that are called Polar Bear tournaments and it could be played on cross country skies as well," said Baxter. The disc golf project was done in cooperation with the City of Kenai, "Being in the recreational business we're very excited. The research I've done shows that disc golf is growing at a 15% rate throughout the United States and the cool thing is that Kenai now becomes one of 5 disc golf locations in Alaska so it gives folks another great outdoor activity and another reason to come to Kenai," said Frates. Baxter and Frates have been working on developing the course for the past year which covers about 10 acres. Disc golf is a sport that requires very little investment in equipment, "Discs range in cost from $9.00 dollars to the most expensive disc you can buy goes for about $21.00 dollars, and at our grand opening we will have some special discs with the Kenai Eagle course emblem hot stamped on the disc," says Baxter. The Kenai Eagle course is a tournament regulation course with each hole being a distance of 150 feet minimum. The grand opening June 4th will also feature an introductory course on how to throw a disc and proper disc golf etiquette when playing. Grand opening events are scheduled to take place between 11:00am and 2:00pm, Saturday June 4th. For more information call the City of Kenai department of Parks and Recreation at 283-3692.

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