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Posted: Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Chugach Electric Assoc. Inc. will host a meeting at Kenai Princess Lodge on Wednesday at 1 p.m. and the community is invited to attend. Chugach is in the process of relicensing the Cooper Creek Dam built in the early 1960s. Cooper Creek was home to salmon and rainbow trout when I moved here and a number of people would like to see it that way again.

However, not many promoted removing the dam. So Chugach came up with a plan to dam Stetson Creek and send its water into Cooper Lake and somehow pipe warmer water from Cooper Lake into Cooper Creek in hopes that the salmon and trout would come back on their own. Not everyone likes that idea. Some think the cost is too high and the environmental impact on damming Stetson Creek would be too great. Come to the meeting and find out what others think.

The 26th annual Snug Harbor Snail-a-thon fund-raiser event for the Cooper Landing Community Club begins Saturday. Walkers and bicyclers gather at the Catholic church between 9:30 and 10 a.m. A vehicle will be available to ferry food items five miles up the road to the picnic site. Everyone is invited to join in the fun. The community club will buy the hotdogs, buns, pop, coffee and condiments. Dogs aren't allowed at the picnic site.

Until a couple of years ago, SAT participants gathered pledges from sponsors for their walk up the road. Sending letters to collect pledged funds was a large responsibility. Some years two and three mailings were sent.

Support of the community club by a direct donation to P. O. Box 508 is now requested. The community club owns the community center with the hall, the cemetery, the rifle range and the museum site. Helen Rhode Park is under permit to the club, as are the television reception sites. The club pays for electricity to TV sites.

Community cleanup brought out adults and children last week as the highway and secondary roads through Cooper Landing lost their burden of trash. Tom Knock with Malcolm Herbert, Dave Davis and Larry Painter were some of the earliest out to pick up along the Cooper Landing Volunteers route. Dean Birmley, Florine Velker, Martha Brewer, Pinkie Richardson, Anne Engbers, Jack Britton, Jim Richardson, Agnes Schmitz and Mayme Ohnemus filled six bags with trash from the Resurrection trailhead pullout.

Cooper Landing Elementary School kids cleaned Bean Creek Road and returned to school for ice cream treats donated by the community club.

Theresa Norris met her crew at Meghan's Coffee before their cleaning spree. Ladonna Herbert, Chris Farrington, Janice Cooper, Marilyn Gravenhorst, Laura Marks, Mary Dreifuerst and Terri Orr picked up eight bags of trash along the Sterling Highway. Theresa is adopting the mile between Cooper Creek and Gwin's Lodge in the name of her business, Full Curl Beauty Salon.

Leah Smith with her kids, Alejandra and Kellerman, cleaned Quartz Creek Road with some of her neighbors and we heard that Mark Wilson and Nick Lemieux worked on Snug Harbor Road.The Sexy Senior Dumpster Cleaners adopted Miles 42 through 44 so you'll see them working on that section at times this summer keeping the highway clean near the Dumpster site.

Clean up at the Snail-a-thon picnic site is scheduled for Thursday morning at 10 for those who might want to drive up.

The Gun Club cleaned the Bean Creek Road rifle range twice in the past three weeks, according to President Pat Dye. Pat encourages members to pick up something on their way out every time they leave the range.

A stack of wood palettes beside the club house will be used for target frames. The old outhouse is being replaced this summer. They have a small, but dedicated group of volunteers and are always looking for ways to improve the area. They have grant applications in for more fencing and for a pistol bay separate from the main portion of the range.

Pat is a nationally certified instructor trainer and recently trained eight instructors. Looks like they'll be having a womens class instructed by women. Law enforcement personnel from Alaska State Parks, U.S. Forest Service and others use the range for practice and instruction.

Pat always stipulates that visitors carry away all their trash. Unfortunately, as on other local community properties, anonymous individuals and groups come through and leave messes behind. Persons going through the rifle range on four-wheelers have caused damage.

Mona Painter can be reached by phone at 595-1248 or by email at

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