Underclassmen should get involved, don’t worry about being perfect


Posted: Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Once again it’s that time of year and as students we know what that means. It is a time of reflection on our past successes and a time to set new goals for what lies ahead.

As a soon to be graduate, I have already begun to reminisce about the past four years and am looking forward to a bright future.

Likewise, there are many things I wish I would have known before entering into high school. Therefore, I am going to share two helpful keys to success that made high school a much more enjoyable experience for me.

First and foremost, learn to have confidence in yourself and be involved in something in order to relieve the everyday stress of high school life.

Looking back on my career, I am more than happy with my achievements, but sometimes I wonder if my triumphs have occurred because of my own apprehensions of stepping outside of my own comfort zone.

For example, freshman year I had never really played basketball and was questioning my potential, yet I was excited to join the team. The theme that year, was, “We can’t become who we want to be, by remaining who we are.” Our coaches’ intentions were to encourage all of us to work hard and improve our-

selves on and off the court. I played basketball as a way to have fun and feel good about being involved, but it became apparent over time that working hard and being fearless can give you the strength to face many endeavors in life.

Now as I face adulthood, I am happier in my successes and more apt to conquer and accept failure.

Second, keep your options open. Our society is so fixated on planning the perfect future that it seems as if we have to know all the answers.

You do not need to be in a rush to plan the perfect future. You have to discover what you like first in order to be good at whatever you end up doing.

Because it is hard to know if you truly are going to enjoy a job, you may want to learn hands on.

Fortunately you can experience a career fully by volunteering as an intern. Society changes quickly, therefore in such a world it is not a good idea to be close minded.

In everyone there is an urge to do something extraordinary, but being overly certain of a future can lead to so much unhappiness.

This uncertainty in turn is what keeps me motivated to change and evolve into something better.

In the future it is important to carry the ability to accept failure by taking risks and success will certainly be achieved

Ashley Bell is a senior at Soldotna High School.

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