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Posted: Friday, May 18, 2001

Brand, slogan suggestions for inlet's commercial catch

After reading Thursday's top story, I understand the plight of the gillnetters in trying to give Cook Inlet salmon a special "brand" of their own.

My wife and I sat down and brainstormed for a few hours to see if we could help. Because of the specialty of the natural resource that they are marketing, we knew it must be an attractive name that would make people's mouths water dreaming about these fish. In addition to this, we came up with a few slogans that might come in as a help once that special name is chosen.

Names: The Last of My Kind Salmon, Brand AX Salmon (almost extinct), Strangled by A Curtain of Death Salmon.

Slogans: We Enhanced One to Slaughter All; We Will Kill the Last Salmon Just For You!; Who Cares What the Sonar Really Sees, Eat Up!; Gillnets Destroy a River Without Poison; Buffalo First, King Salmon Next; Our Fish Are Hung By the Gills Until Dead; and, one of our personal favorites, Help Keep Our Percentages Right: Reds at the Store by Day, Kings for Sale at the Beach by Night.

We hope that this will help keep the wagon wheel rolling for you. Feel free to use any of the names and/or slogans we have thought up for you.

Also, we think that the price of Cook Inlet salmon should be higher than caviar and people would pay it once they realize not only your plight but the plight of the Cook Inlet salmon.

Jeff Webster, Soldotna

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