Nikiski law enforcement should not cost this much

Posted: Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Am I reading this correctly: "1.2 million Nikiski taxpayer dollars to bring law to Nikiski"? Are you kidding?

For heaven's sake, people, what's wrong with doing it the old-fashioned way? Let's hire a sheriff and a bunch of deputies. For a fraction of that amount Nikiski could have a fine sheriff's office with radio dispatch cars and a good strong "cooler" for the troublemakers.

The primary job of the sheriff is to make the arrests and gather the evidence. Once nabbed, the thieves and troublemakers can be turned over to higher authorities for prosecution.

What will the people of Nikiski get for $1.2 million? I'm afraid they'll get multi-layer bureaucracy with it's inefficiency. There's no guarantee that hirelings from outside will serve the people any better than they can themselves.

Until then, get your home guard militia organized. Protect yourselves and your property.

$1.2 million, my foot! It sounds as though there are other robbers in our midst.

Norm Olson , Nikiski

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