Reader has plan for state legislators

Posted: Thursday, May 19, 2005

Would someone correct me if I am wrong. I was under the impression our governor and the majorities in the state Senate and House were all fiscal conservatives. All of them ran under that banner. I thought being a fiscal conservative meant you would be very careful in how you spent the public's funds. Obviously, I am wrong, or all of them were never what they claimed to be! Maybe any fairy tale to get you in control of the money pot.

Based on the spending plans for permanent fund earnings, the R in Republican stands for "really" big wasteful spenders. I can't wait to hear the next Republican whine about "tax and spend Democrats" come next election.

Where are all the "conservatives" now who oft repeat this whine in letters and on talk radio? Should not your mantra now be "tax, borrow and spend Republicans" — or are you really just hypocrites?

How about this for an example from the capital budget coming out of mine and your PFD check: $500,000 to bail out the Alaska Loggers Association for pension funds shortfall. Shorten my check to pay for ALA officers' incompetence or inappropriate use of funds. Way to go legislators!

Hey, my pension funds are short. I should ask our state senators to put in the budget a $500,000 appropriation in for me! I will use it to develop an honest orderly plan for the downsizing of state government and state funded entities. I'll pad my pension, and the state will get a real plan to live within its financial means without raiding the permanent fund! Such a deal! Win, win for all!

William J. Phillips, Soldotna

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