Rolling Stones still gathering ticket sales

Posted: Thursday, May 19, 2005

It's official: The fountain of youth does exist — and it's rock''roll. How else to explain how sixty-something rock stars are still able to howl into a microphone and leap athletically about stage at an age when many others are contemplating dentures and assisted living?

The Rolling Stones recently announced a new album and dozens of upcoming concerts in a world tour. Three of the Stones are in their 60s, but the geezer-rockers show no signs of slowing down. ...

But the Stones are just one of a number of other rockers in their seventh decade and still exuberantly rolling. There's something admirable — though some might say ridiculous — about these ever-young musicians, pumped up by the elixir of music, valiantly fending off all the ills that aging flesh is heir to. ...

A guess is that the Rolling Stones and other older rockers will continue to defy age and arthritis until the fans no longer flock to see them anymore. And fans don't seem to be fleeing. Quite the contrary: Reports are that the Rolling Stones tour will be extraordinarily lucrative, generating perhaps $100 million in sales.

A Rolling Stone gathers no moss, but it certainly does gather a great deal of ticket revenue.

— Greenville (S.C.) News

May 16

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