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Posted: Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nationwide, the movement is underway for people getting back to basics. At the top of this list for many people is a renewed interest in gardening. From the new gardener to the seasoned veteran, Fireweed Herb Garden and Gifts in Kenai is a great resource for not only quality plants, but also information.

Through their series of "Garden Tips" which you will find in the Peninsula Clarion, you will find ideas that can help you jumpstart your green thumb this season.

For example, many people do not fully appreciate the fundamental step that occurs from the time you take your tender seedling from the comfort of the nursery to the unforgiving elements of the outside world. The process has a name and from the experts at Fireweed Herb Garden and Gifts owners, Porter and Sue Jordan, "Hardening off is a term used that means your plants need to be gradually exposed to the outside weather. The plants will become stronger and harder." The benefits note Sue, included a healthier garden and a more productive garden. "If you skip hardening off, you will set your garden, and the health of your plants way back" she added.

A few tips towards the processes of hardening off plants include placing your transplants in the shade at first. Plants are actually susceptible to sunburn in the direct sun. Keeping them watered is equally important. "The wind will dehydrate the plants" says Jordan. The process of hardening off usually takes about a week. Jordan recommends that gardeners also keep an eye on the forecast and thermometer. "If there is a chance of frost at night, bring your plants inside" she adds.

Some gardeners are eager to speed up the process, but with the soil temperatures much cooler in spring, those gardeners trying to rush to be the first to have their garden "in" usually end up setting their garden back, not gaining the head start they envision according to Jordan.

Another aspect of our environment the Jordan's have insight to share would be towards composting and the use of different chemicals currently on the market. In a recent tip, Fireweed Herb Garden and Gifts cautioned consumers to read labels on products they may be considering. "Just because these products are for sale doesn't mean they are good for you or your yard, lawn, garden or kids and pets. Think of the run-off to the Kenai River. Read labels thoroughly and you should take any instructions seriously." they advised.

For those of you that seem to have two left thumbs as opposed to any semblance of a green thumb, a trip to Fireweed Herb Garden and Gifts is worth the trip. With a fine selection of gifts to choose from, you will find everything from wedding and shower gifts, to Father's Day ideas, to the perfect accent pieces to compliment your dcor. Enjoy a cup of coffee, and browse their selection of candies and other flavorful, aromatic and fun things for your life.

They are located on North Forest Drive in Kenai, and are open seven days a week. Call 283-6107 for store hours, and pick up a copy of the Clarion for more helpful gardening tips from Fireweed Herb Garden and Gifts.

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