Anchorage Symphony's Young People's Concert: Kaleidoscope students share their experience

Posted: Thursday, May 19, 2011

The following pieces are reviews of the Anchorage Symphony's Young People's Concert submitted by students in Marianne Kasch's fifth- and sixth-grade class at Kaleidoscope School of Arts and Sciences in Kenai:

Spectacular Symphony for Students

by Taylor Shelden, Grade 6

As I sat in the spacious auditorium I witnessed the conductor Randall Fleischer's hands shoot up to start the music. The Anchorage symphony's music bursts out and made a groovy beat as the sound of jazz floated out to the audience. All of a sudden the narrator Heidi Joyce invited everybody to stand up and swing to the music. I could hear the trumpets shout out, the cellos sing with the orchestra, and the violins keep an up-beat. It almost felt like we were back in New Orleans.

On April 26, my class and I traveled to Anchorage for a concert, "It Don't Mean A Thing" for young students. When the first song exploded into the room I instantly wanted to get up and dance. It was plainly noticeable that the performers loved what they were doing as their energy and spirit lifted everyone up and put smile on their faces. Although Joyce loved what she was doing it became distracting at times. While I tried to enjoy the music all I could focus on was her dancing happily off to the side or just kind of keeping a beat energetically.

During the concert the audience acted occupied and interested in what they were listening to. Fleischer and Joyce knew how to teach children as they made sure the transitions from song to song were smooth. While the orchestra prepared for the next piece of music, Joyce and Fleischer entertained the students. They taught challenging and active body percussion with lively energetic songs and rhymes. They also educated us about jazz music in an exciting and different way. Although their information was very helpful, I sometimes couldn't understand what they were saying because of how quickly they were speaking.

I glanced into the orchestra as they played their last piece of music. I stretched my neck attempting to see different musicians. Sadly I couldn't. Suddenly the crash symbols smashed together and made a loud, exhilarating ending. Randall Fleischer turned around and took a graceful bow followed by the Anchorage Symphony. The crowd gave a standing ovation and seemed very satisfied with the performance.

The spectacular symphony for students was entertaining and educational. The jazz music that I was exposed to made me appreciate a new genre of music. I enjoyed how Randall Fleischer and Heidi Joyce presented the concert. The energy and liveliness of the music left me wanting to learn more. I would recommend this to anybody who likes to be challenged, is ready to learn, and wants to explore a new style of music.

Anchorage Symphony

By Brittany Gilman, Grade 5

Picture yourself in a concert theater, listening to the smooth jazz of Joplin or The Duke. Conductor Randall Fleischer and Singer Heidi Joyce gave kids all across the peninsula this wonderful opportunity. On April 26, Fleischer, Joyce, and the Anchorage Symphony gave a young peoples concert at the Anchorage Performing Arts Center. The show was titled 'It Don't Mean a Thing'.

I had the pleasure of attending this rhythmic concert with my class. It was quite the performance! The Symphony had given this everything they had. The levels of energy Joyce had were absolutely amazing! Even though she was a little distracting from the music sometimes, she always kept me on the edge of my seat.

Through almost every song, the audience was asked to participate. Swaying to the deep blues, or snapping to the joyful Be-bop, it was truly incredible! I personally could listen to that music again and again.

Overall, the concert was a phenomenal sound that will keep your foot tapping. I recommend it to youth and elders everywhere.

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