Letters to the Editor

Posted: Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Measurements misused

I am a student in Mr. Barkman's geometry class at Soldotna High School. I am writing in regard to the article "Challenger center appeals oversize sign" to point out that the reporter twice misused the geometric terms of measurement. When the reporter was describing the maximum height of the sign that was allowed, the term "square feet" was used. While that is commonly used, it was misused due to the fact that it is only used to describe the measurement of an area. Height is a one-dimensional unit such as feet. One does not explain a person's height as 6 square feet.

The other mistake was found when describing the size of the sphere. The sphere mentioned in the article was measured with its volume, but the appropriate term used to measure volume is cubic feet, not square feet.

This letter is written in the hope that the Clarion and its staff writers will be more aware of the terms they should use and look for.

Corey Buckingham

Soldotna High School

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