Charges too extreme in accident that killed 2 on Seward Highway

Posted: Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Regarding Erwin J. Petterson: The accident that occurred on Oct. 12 on the Seward Highway was truly tragic and my heart goes out to the families that this affected.

However, I do believe that four second-degree murder charges are a bit on the extreme side of things. Now I can't imagine what the family of the deceased have gone through; I haven't been there.

My question is: What is happening to the justice system today?

Mr. Petterson was in fact at fault in the accident on the Seward Highway on Oct. 12. I say again "ACCIDENT"! Would the judgment be as extreme if the circumstances were different? I would imagine so.

It is not like he swerved in the oncoming lane on purpose. If there was ice on the road and this

happened, it would be considered a true accident. And I'm sure there would be no charges filed toward anybody.

As circumstances would have it, everybody is trying to make like Mr. Petterson did this on purpose. I believe the charges are completely overrated and unjust. People did lose their lives that day, but certainly not from the intentions of Erwin J. Petterson.

Dave McDonald, Soldotna

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