Vice president's continued financial ties to Halliburton fail 'smell test'

Posted: Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I appreciated Joseph Robertia's opinion piece in the Clarion on May 11 about the connections between violence now (Gulf War II) and likely future violence (additional Sept. 11-type attacks). I agree that it is a weird coincidence that

Halliburton (formerly headed by Vice President Dick Cheney) has been awarded a lucrative rebuilding contract in Iraq without any competitive bidding.

But Mr. Robertia neglected to mention that Dick Cheney still receives compensation from Halliburton.

While this financial tie (and Halliburton's campaign contributions) raises a variety of conflict-of-interest questions and surely fails any "smell test," it is particularly onerous when so many United States and Iraqi causalities have been caused by the administration's adventures to secure an oil-rich region.

David Thomas, Kenai

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