Welcome to Tight Lines -- almost as important as your tackle box

Posted: Thursday, May 21, 2009

Welcome to the first edition of Tight Lines. You're probably looking at this page wondering where it came from and why it's here.

I could tell you it came out of a printing press, but I guess that's not what you're looking for.

Tight Lines is a new weekly feature offering information on Kenai Peninsula sport fishing conditions, available both online and in print.

You can expect to find regular fishing reports every Thursday, giving anglers some ideas for where to head over the weekend.

We're hoping anglers will find this information useful as we talk about the many different ways to bring home dinner or have a little fun outside while enjoying this beautiful place.

You'll also find extras like fishing tips, tide charts, weather forecasts and photos.

Additionally, there'll be a weekly column on, you guessed it, fishing.

Since I can only gab for so long on my own interests in flossing the water, and I admit my own experiences are limited by age a neurotically short attention span, I'm planning on turning the column over to you.

What'd he say?

In the 20 something years it's been since my dad first did the old, "Here son, hold my rod for a second, my arm's getting tired. Whoa, look at that! You've got a fish on there, how about that," I've certainly accumulated a few fish tales.

But in an area with so many fish loving fools, there's no reason for me to hog the spotlight.

Each week you'll find a guest column from different folks who get off on pitting their own IQ against that of a fish.

I've approached people I've never met, people I know well and others that I've met through reporting about doing these pieces.

Some columnists might be well known in the community, others unheard of.

The only ground rules I set are a word count, that they focus on something fishing related, try to keep it entertaining and no going into political, allocation or user group conflict issues.

The latter three are certainly all topics of importance, but that's not the purpose of this section.

My hope is that readers, will find these columns to be refreshing, and perhaps perk up a little enthusiasm about the sport -- not that this area is lacking.

Anyone with their own story to tell, whether it's taking a child fishing, their own childhood memory, losing a whopper or losing one's footing and swimming with the catch -- you can see where this is going -- should consider submitting their story for print.

We also want to include your photos in our online and print pages. You can find a link to our e-mail on the Tight Lines Web site, or send photos and fish tales directly to tightlines@peninsulaclarion.com.

Remember to send photos as high-resolution attachments, don't embed them. We'd also like to know who's pictured, where they're from, the species of the fish, the size if you have it and where it was caught.

You don't have to tell me the secret hole on the latter of course, just perhaps the body of water or general area.

Good luck to everyone venturing out on peninsula waters this season. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Until then, tight lines.

Got a fish story or photo to share? Send it to us at tightlines@peninsulaclarion.com. Visit us online at www.peninsulaclarion.com and look for the Tight Lines link.

-- Dante Petri

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