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Posted: Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Alaska Republican Party State Executive Committee met in a statewide teleconference to discuss the recent series of events that has clouded the reputation of the Alaska legislators and especially the Republican Party.

A statement released by the ARP State Ex committee from our attorney Bill Large states, “Our elected officials are stewards of the resources we hold, in common, and it is both appalling and embarrassing to know that these individuals appear to have been for sale.”

The ARP fully supports Gov. Palin’s call to review any legislation from the 2006 session that may have been influenced by individuals who have already pled guilty.

When the FBI searched VECO and legislative offices last fall, the ARP announced it would set aside all contributions from the VECO officials who were the subjects of the investigation.

Those funds were not spent during the 2006 election cycle, but held pending further developments in the investigation. Now that two VECO officials have pled guilty to various charges, the Party has requested APOC guidance to properly disperse these funds. The ARP will seek Federal District Court approval of that guidance prior to dispersing these funds.

The events of the past several days have been difficult for all Alaskans and especially so for Alaskan Republicans. It is always our desire, as stated in our Party Platform, to assure that those who run for public office are people of integrity, and that Republican serving in office never forget the responsibility they carry.

The Alaskan Republican Party will continue to monitor the status of the FBI investigations.

In closing I might add that we all need to be very careful in trying and convicting anyone based on the suspicions and comments delivered by the media. Let’s wait and allow this to work through the system. May we all be resolved to be extra careful in all dealing with the government, our businesses and our personal lives.

What we do and say has a way of affecting many, and we need to conduct ourselves with the highest of integrity.

Eileen Becker

Region 7 chairman

Alaska Republican Party

District 33, 34, 35, 36

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