Mother remembers, praises those involved with her kids

Posted: Friday, May 23, 2003

I feel that the statement "It takes a whole village to raise a child" is true. As my last child graduates, I would like to thank the many teachers and other members of our little village for their kindness, knowledge, patience, persistence and, most importantly, the vast amount of time and dedication they have given to my two children and the countless other kids they serve.

To Gary Jackson, former principal of K-Beach Elementary, thank you; you were a great teacher, coach and administrator. For eight years, K-Beach was like home away from home, such was the atmosphere you, Berliene, Treena, Mr. Brown, Melissa Oliver and the rest of the staff created. Mrs. Walker, wherever you are, you gave my kids the greatest start, a joy for school and learning and steered Sky toward a lifelong friend.

Mrs. Brown, Colvin, Peterson, Crane, Dahlgren, Betty Miller and Mr. Houglum, thanks for letting me help in your classrooms. Satorene, I still have the bonsai from Alecia's fourth-grade tea party; how about you? To the Harros, both Mr. and Mrs., it's been great fun working with you and watching your kids grow into such fine, accomplished people. Your humor and dedication (and the muffins) will be long remembered.

To Todd, Lee, Roseanne, Terry, Jay, Pam, Pat, Whitney, Krista K. Gensel, Mr. Schmidt, John H. again, and the rest of the gang of folks at the middle school, thanks for letting me work with you. And, yes, Todd, I'm still bringing the snacks.

The five years that the kids spent at Skyview passed quickly as well. J.P., Carroll, Beth and Shirley, your endless good-natured cooperation was always appreciated. Wayne C. thanks for always being available with a smile and helping hand.

My kids expressed admiration for many of their teachers, and there are those whom I'd like to thank personally for ,like the many others, they gave not only knowledge, but examples of genuine caring, dedication and of their time. Time much appreciated. Art, music and literature will always be a part of our lives, thanks in part to the brothers Sparks, Mrs. Lewis and yes, Mrs. Wheeler. Mr. Carey you made a big impression on both kids. Your humility, sincerity and commitment to the community and social issues hit the mark.

Kent, the five years that you spent sharing your love of music and the outdoors with Alecia will last her a lifetime, thank you for that.

Thanks, John Keating, for bringing all the kids back alive on all those bus trips. Mr. Miller, Allen, your honest exuberance for life and pursuit of knowledge is infectious. Thank you for Joan, the gift of her time, experience and giving nature have always been appreciated. I cherish the picture of Alecia in Joan's Olympic lycra. Your balance of loving father, teacher, fearless leader of international expeditions has left an indelible mark. Last, but most assuredly not least, thank you, Mrs. Linda Raemaeker. Through the years you have taught my children and me uncountable lessons. Your energy and commitment to your classes and friends is astounding. You have always given people every chance to be capable of being right. You are a great teacher, a great person, a great friend.

To the community at large, who gave and gave till I could not personally ask for more, while raising funds for various and sundry things for the schools over the years, thanks everybody. The kids turned out wonderful. I proudly recommend our community to all.

The youngest of Kristin Wood's two children graduated from Skyview High School this week. The family has lived on the Kenai Peninsula for about 15 years.

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