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Posted: Friday, May 23, 2003

Soldotna driver second at drag races

Richard Derkevorkian of Soldotna was second in the Open Air class in Sunday's drag racing competition at Alaska Raceway Park in Palmer.

Derkevorkian had a dial-in time of 11.05 seconds, a reaction time of .612 seconds, an elapsed time of 10.53 seconds and a speed of 95.15 mph.

Verrier, Davis post top times at Exit Glacier

Adam Verrier won the Exit Glacier men's 10-kilometer race in 35 minutes, 30 seconds, last weekend in Seward, while Anna Davis posted the top women's time at 43:20.

In the 5-kilometer race, Billy Gibby took the men's competition in 17:18 while Denali Foldager posted the top women's time at 21:34.

Exit Glacier 5-kilometer

Men's Results

1. Billy Gibby,17:18; 2. Steve Cupi, 17:24; 3. Matt Blair, 18:34; 4. James Danielson, 19:04; 5. Kip Dixon, 19:36; 6. Chris Paul, 19:52; 7. Clinton Paul, 19:52; 8. Travis Price, 19:55; 9. John Kumin, 20:51; 10. Mark Chase, 21:24; 11. Larry Harmon, 21:36; 12. Bill Marchant, 21:43; 13, Larry Deboard, 21:50; 14. Jon Agosti, 22:17; 15. Ryan O'Leary, 23:38; 16. Andrew Buchanon, 23:39; 17. Piper Dixon, 23:40; 18. Chester Franz, 24:00; 19. Allan Barker, 24:19; 20. Austin Gillespie, 24:31; 21. Carson Hatch, 24:41; 22. Matt Byers, 24:45; 23. Brett Chase, 25:12; 24. Aaron Haberman, 25:23; 25. Bob Bingman, 25:51; 26. Nick Broughton, 27:51; 27. Shane Waliezer, 27:58; 28. Jamin Agosti, 28:41; 29. Devon Carlsen, 28:44; 30. Mike Pendergast, 29:40; 31. Logan Adelmann, 29:53; 32. Tyler Haddow, 29:56; 33. Kody Newman, 30:00; 34. Terrence Johson, 32:43; 35. Andrea Johnson, 42:48; 36. Corey McMurtry, 43:12; 37. Nat Aderholdt, 43:18; 38. Lance Nettleton, 43:23; 39. Miles Knotek, 43:52; 40. Kyle Miller, 51:05; 41. Doug Miller, 51:05; 42. Pat Redmond, 53:29.

Women's Results

1. Denali Foldager, 21:34; 2. Carol Jandton, 21:45; 3. Maria Cobb, 22:32; 4. Rubye Foldager, 23:38; 5. Michelle Buchanan, 23:42; 6. Janet Buchanon, 23:48; 7. Amber Geffre, 25:07; 8. Kathy Bingman, 25:30; 9. Amy Haddow, 26:43; 10. Danyalle Patterson, 27:17; 11. Serena Melville, 27:20; 12. Nicole Johnson, 27:24; 13. Tarra Swanson, 27:26; 14. Karlie Ennis, 27:44; 15. Tammy Strausbough, 28:10; 16. Jenna Clarke, 29:16; 17. Linda Graham, 29:33; 18. Diana Clark, 30:13; 19. Kelly Sefton, 30:32; 20. Holly Pendergast, 30:49; 21. Kim Fister, 31:00; 22. Lanice Drake, 31:23; 23. Monica Bailey, 32:04; 24. Claire Agosti, 32:53; 25. Anne Castellina, 33:24; 26. Alexandria Esplin, 33:46; 27. Anna Lee Olver, 33:48; 28. Courtney Moore, 35:42; 29. Amanda Zimmerman, 35:42; 30. Wendy Bryden, 35:45; 31. Emily Draper, 37:18; 32. Jeannett Butts, 37:19; 33. Kimberly Helmers, 40:11; 34. Janet Johnson, 43:14; 35. Hannah Burrell, 43:32; 36. Erin Knotek, 43:53; 37. Lily Johnson, 44:14; 38. Betty Dean, 44:28; 39. Shawna Carr, 45:02; 40. Kirstie Leslie, 50:09; 41. Maureen Miller, 51:05; 42. Kathy Shanahan, 53:14; 43. Lori Draper, 55:01.

Exit Glacier 10-kilometer

Men's Results

1. Adam Verrier, 35:30; 2. John Collins, 36:44; 3. John Wilson, 36:55; 4. Flip Foldager, 38:46; 5. Jonathan Sussman, 39:49; 6. Kevin Taylor, 41:03; 7. Mark Flanagan, 42:26; 8. Tom Gillespie, 42:32; 9. Jesse Osborn, 42:57; 10. Don Lyrek, 45:08; 11. Andrew Wilder, 45:16; 12. Ethan Williams, 50:48; 13. Dean Cottle, 51:38; 14. James Carlsen, 54:04; 15. Ben Kelly, 56:26; 16. Mark Price, 57:29; 17. Tim Cronin, 59:48; 18. Steve Williams, 1:00:41.

Women's Results

1. Anna Davis, 43:20; 2. Patti Foldager, 44:03; 3. Trine Lyrek, 49:14; 4. Renee Schneider, 50:48; 5. Valerie Rice, 51:37; 6. Nancy Osborne, 54:52; 7. Susheela Roach, 55:56; 8. Stacy Schmitz, 56:27; 9. Diane Willson, 57:50; 10. Little Eagle, 59:56; 11. Sandy Wassilie, 1:02:54; 12. Trula Acena, 1:03:36; 13. Kaerin Stephens, 1:04:35; 14. Stephanie Anderson, 1:04:50; 15. Christa Lee Warneka, 1:04:50.

Bland takes Spring Migration Run

Wiley Bland was the top finisher in the Spring Migration Run held May 11 in Homer, covering a 3.1-mile course along the Homer Spit in 16 minutes, 22.67 seconds. Patricia Shipley had the top official women's time, clocking in at 19:12.11.

Spring Migration Run Results

May 11 in Homer

1. Wiley Bland, 16:22.67; 2. Kevin Donely, 16:33.33; 3. JT Lindholm, 17:18.38; 4. Scott Hauser, 18:23.38; 5. Jens Klaar, 18:44.97; 6. Patricia Shipley, 19:12.11; 7. Randy Wiest, 19:13.08; 8. Charlie Button, 19:21.28; 9. Gordon Wetzel, 19:26.03; 10. Parry Groover, 19:40.87; 11. Brandy Bland, 19:50.31; 12. Joe Meehan, 20:01.39; 13. James Brodie, 20:03.05; 14. Eathan Park, 20:14.90; 15. Becky Hauser, 20:22.36; 16. Dennis Glann, 20:50.10; 17. Jim Lieb, 20:52.71; 18. Mark Hemstreet, 20:56.51; 19. Robert Platte, 20:58.65; 20. Timothy Middleton, 21:09.07; 21. Anne Thomas, 21:27.46; 22. Carol Erwin, 21:38.14; 23. Seth Parker, 21:40.33; 24. Gary Lyon, 21:48.57; 25. William Cessnun, 22:04.76;

26. Sue Mauger, 22:21.59; 27. Tom Egan, 22:33.08; 28. Jennifer Chapple, 22:41.98; 29. Linda Grover, 22:49.18; 30. George Bryson, 23:01.43; 31. Melanie Mach, 23:01.84; 32. Guerin Platte, 23:16.46; 33. Carlyn Walker, 23:24.23; 34. Allison Jost, 23:34.71; 35. Amy McVee, 23:35.75; 36. Logan Kelly, 23:39.50; 37. Leslie Klaar, 23:49.23; 38. Ken Satve, 23:57.88; 39. Shannon Brodie, 23:58.50; 40. Kelly Andrews, 24:38.33; 41. Terre Wills, 24:42.64; 42. Gordon Parker, 24:54.95; 43. Rod Shipley, 25:16.98; 44. Brian Litmans, 25:17.63; 45. Aunnie Steward, 25:20.18; 46. Cheryl Ess, 25:29.57; 47. Shoshana Keegan, 26:00.86; 48. Bjorn Klaar, 26:04.75; 49. Winnie Wills, 26:50.60; 50. Cameron Platte, 26:57.69;

51. Mike Conti, 27:01.57; 52. Danielle Jerry, 27:12.20; 53. Wendy Erd, 27:17.71; 54. John Chapple, 27:27.75; 55. Raedynne Robertson, 28:00.45; 56. Diane Barnett, 28:00.87; 57. Cheryl Wambach, 28:27.95; 58. Michelle Bayes, 28:28.60; 59. McKinzie Parker, 28:43.23; 60. Laura Schue, 28:45.15; 61. Lois Andrews, 28:48.84; 62. Lynda Watson, 28:50.18; 63. Kelli Parker, 29:04.26; 64. Polly Prindle-Hess, 29:15.92; 65. Penny Loos, 29:20.41; 66. Kristin Jost, 29:29.57; 67. Mike Wiles, 29:41.61; 68. Jim Pfeiffer, 29:57.11; 69. Kaerin Stephens, 30:04.64; 70. Terri Mach, 30:16.00; 71. Christie Gates, 30:27.32; 72. Anne Morkill, 30:32.03; 73. Denise Dulowitz, 30:35.90; 74. Megan Gatkowski, 30:57.05; 75. Billy Duncan, 31:00.39;

76. Nancy Wiles, 31:32.08; 77. Kim Perkins, 31:45.84; 78. Carmer Field, 31:48.02; 79. Clarence Ess, 32:16.05; 80. Diana Hutt, 32:35.31; 81. Carrie Gerber, 32:35.96; 82. Kaile Duncan, 34:06.27; 83. Jared Duncan, 34:07.20; 84. Diane Duncan, 34:08.35; 85. Sarah Syria, 34:43.23; 86. Jaron Button, 34:43.23; 87. Nicole Sola, 35:23.05; 88. Catriona Lowe, 35:39.69; 89. Ian Lowe, 35:44.49; 90. Quincy Donley, 35:59.40; 91. Gabrielle Vassar, 35:59.89; 92. Peggy Chapple, 36:37.82; 93. Rhoslyn Jennings, 37:29.93; 94. Selina Mach, 37:32.42; 95. Joyce Middleton, 39:33.53; 96. Heather Kelly, 41:26.76; 97. Hartley Kelly, 41:28.43; 98. Laura Greffenius, 42:00.34; 99. Clark Saunders, 42:43.00; 100. John Chapple, 43:21.79;

101. Dylan Saunders, 43:31.28; 102. Sheri Saunders, 43:32.34; 103. Jessica Vassar, 44:15.52; 104. Monica Glen, 46:22.80; 105. Betsy Paskvan, 46:23.39; 106. Elaine Rhode, 49:21.46; 107. Daria Carle, 49:22.44.

Titans' McNair apologizes for arrest

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair apologized Thursday for his arrest hours earlier on charges of drunken driving and illegal possession of a handgun.

''This is something I didn't think that would ever happen, but this is something that we've just got to deal with, and I will with the support ... of my teammates, coaches, family and friends,'' McNair said.

''I will get over it.''

McNair read his short statement while flanked by Titans coach Jeff Fisher, general manager Floyd Reese and president Jeff Diamond. He didn't take any questions and concluded by apologizing to his fans, particularly the children who look up to him.

''It's something that you don't usually see out of me. But I put myself in a situation. I've got to get out of it, and I will bounce back from it,'' McNair said.

McNair was stopped just after midnight by a police officer who saw his sports utility vehicle weaving on a downtown street. The quarterback's eyes were bloodshot, his breath smelled of alcohol and he acknowledged drinking, police said.

He failed a field sobriety test and a blood-alcohol test produced a reading of 0.18 well above Tennessee's level of presumed intoxication of 0.10. He was released on $3,000 bond after appearing in night court and is due back in court June 26.

Clemens confident he'll make next start

NEW YORK Roger Clemens spent Thursday working out, lifting weights and arranging for his friends and family to come to New York to witness his bid for 300 wins.

Those sure weren't the actions of someone who doesn't expect to pitch Monday. Clemens reiterated his stance from the previous night that the only thing that will keep him from making his next start is a broken bone.

''It hasn't changed unless they tell me something different,'' he said.

Clemens had X-rays and an MRI on Thursday after being hit on the right hand by a line drive in Boston during his 299th career win. Clemens has a bone bruise and is scheduled to throw in the bullpen Friday.

Williams likely to miss four to six weeks with injury

NEW YORK New York Yankees center fielder Bernie Williams has torn cartilage in his left knee and will likely need surgery that will sideline him for four-to-six weeks.

''Obviously, it is very disappointing,'' Williams said. ''If there's any positive about this, it's that it's May. There's still the second half of the season to help the club.''

Williams has been bothered by a sore knee this month and had an MRI on Thursday to determine the cause of the pain. It revealed a sprain and tear of the medial meniscus.

Team physician Dr. Stuart Hershon has recommended that Williams undergo arthroscopic surgery. Williams will get a second opinion from Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala., before making his final decision.

Moreno becomes new Angels' owner

ANAHEIM, Calif. The Angels' new owner grinned, opened the big gift box and helped manager Mike Scioscia and general manager Bill Stoneman put on huge red sombreros.

Arturo Moreno was introduced Thursday as the third owner of the Angels in their 43-year history after completing his $184 million purchase from The Walt Disney Co.

''This is what I got for that,'' he said, laughing and holding up two keys to the stadium.

Moreno wants to be called Arte and started off his tenure by giving the hats to top team officials. He already has spent time wandering around the stands and chatting with fans, and plans one immediate change.

''Beer in the bleachers is $8.50. I can go around the corner and get one for a buck-and-half,'' Moreno said. Asked if he was thinking about lowering the price, he said, ''I'm not thinking about it. I'm going to do it.''

He smiled and turned to vice president Kevin Uhlich and said, ''I can do that, can't I?''

Uhlich chuckled and replied that Moreno can do most anything he wants.

The 56-year-old Moreno, a native of Tucson, Ariz., made a fortune in outdoor advertising. He is a private man who doesn't particularly like the spotlight.

But he was gracious, forthcoming and humorous when he was introduced to the Southern California media on Thursday at the Edison International Field.

''This is sort of like living the American dream,'' Moreno said. ''You get to come the ballpark and get a free beer.''

He emphasized that he plans no significant moves in the World Series champion Angels, and that he will give freedom to Stoneman to run the player personnel side of the operation and to Uhlich to run the business side the price of beer an exception.

''Anytime you make a transition, you want it to be as seamless as possible,'' Moreno said.

He laughed and said, ''I asked Bill, 'What do you need?' I asked Kevin, 'Where can we cut?'''

Scioscia, noting that the new owner politely corrected him when he tried to call him ''Mr. Moreno,'' obviously is impressed.

''There's a buzz in the clubhouse and we'll definitely feed off it,'' Scioscia said. ''Hopefully we'll do what we did last year for a couple more years.''

Moreno introduced himself to each player in the Angels' clubhouse and spoke briefly to the group before they took the field against Baltimore.

''He has cards from the original Angels team in 1961, and each one of us, too. That was kind of neat,'' Scott Spiezio said. ''He's a baseball fan, and he's a smart businessman and, obviously, that's a pretty good combination.

''Disney was ready to go in a new direction and get rid of the team, and I think to get an owner that's a baseball fan is very exciting for us.''

Scott Schoeneweis also was impressed.

''I thought he was a very genuine, down-to-earth guy and that makes for an easy transition. He just seems like a really good guy, and it's easy not to be when you have that kind of money,'' said Schoeneweis, the team's player representative.

Moreno, a fourth-generation American who has 10 siblings and grew up working in his parents' print shop in Tucson, is the first major league controlling owner of Hispanic background.

''Obviously, being Mexican-American, I'd like to reach out to the Mexican-American community, but also to everybody,'' he said. ''When people come here, we want it to be a great experience.''

He said he had met some people in the stadium gift shop from Culiacan, Mexico, and invited them to be his guests at a game.

''Carole and I have been talking with fans in the bleachers and it made me feel at home. Every night, I'll take a lap to talk with our fans and see what's going on,'' said Moreno, who along with his wife were presented matching Angels jerseys with their names and the numeral 1 on them.

''I thought Bengie Molina was No. 1,'' Moreno joked.

Asked what he feels he can bring to the team, Moreno said, ''I'd like to say I'm a left-hander with a 95 mph fastball and a great cutter, but I'm right-handed and I'm slow.''

His first foray into team ownership came when he and several of his softball-playing friends decided to buy the Triple-A team in Salt Lake in 1986, which they still own. He later held a minority interest in the Arizona Diamondbacks, which he has given up.

Although many major league teams are losing money, Moreno saw the Angels as a sound investment.

''Businesses go through up and down cycles, and I think it was a good time to buy,'' he said. ''I think it will be a great long-term investment.''

Movie cowboy Gene Autry was the original owner of the Angels, and Moreno said Autry's widow, Jackie, will be involved with the team as long as she wants.

Moreno said he certainly wants to do a good job as the owner, ''Or they might send me down to Rancho Cucamonga.''

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