Students ask school district to ‘let Eli walk’

Posted: Tuesday, May 23, 2006

There is no doubt that the name Eli Hutchison is familiar to many local ears. Eli, the young man who wrestled for Skyview High School to win four state championships, the excellent Skyview cross country runner, the talented Skyview football player, the amazing Skyview soccer player, and this just in: the one who isn’t allowed to walk at Skyview High School’s graduation on May 25, 2006.

Some may not realize that Eli is home schooled, yet taking classes correspondence at Skyview. According to central office, the policy stands that correspondence students cannot walk at graduation. If this image is so black and white, what is the purpose of this letter, one may ask? Eli Hutchison is more than just a correspondence student.

I was fortunate enough to attend the state wrestling competition this year. I watched as Eli claimed his fourth state championship. When he steps onto that wrestling mat, he is in complete control. It is a beautiful thing to watch. But that is beside the point. The issue at hand is what took place during the following awards ceremony. When announcing Eli’s first-place finish, he was not Eli Hutchison, Connection’s student, he was Eli Hutchison, Skyview High School. The same exact point is to be made for football, cross country and soccer.

We have allowed Eli to be the face of Skyview at so many events, yet he is prohibited from walking with his classmates during our final time together as high school students.

Obviously, we have a problem at hand. Central office’s policy prohibits Eli from walking. This policy is wrong. Just because it has been in place for however long, doesn’t mean that it should be in place. It is contradictive and hypocritical. If Eli is not allowed to be a Skyview student during graduation, then how does central office justify allowing him to be a Skyview student at any other occasion?

I am one among many students who are here to say: Let Eli walk!

We (planned to show) our support at school May 19 by wearing shirts that display this plea. He has been our fellow Skyview student for four years, and we are not willing to let this bond be broken before graduation.

Besides, those in charge might want to think twice before neglecting the Hutchison family. Many besides Eli have brought a good name to the school and the community. Numerous siblings before him have been incredibly successful athletes, and there are many more to come.

Eli’s mom has been the one to provide food for and run more concessions stands than one can imagine, to benefit Skyview athletics. My dinner at the state wrestling tournament? A burrito made by Mrs. Hutchison. She was keeping the team, and even the fans, well fed.

We propose that Eli Hutchison be the first to graduate thanks to a revised and corrected policy concerning part-time students. Let Eli make Skyview proud at one last event.

Kelsey Shields


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