Unity Trail maintenance does more harm than good

Posted: Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I wanted to talk about that $2 million Unity Trail between Kenai and Soldotna. They spent all this money to build the trail and have spent no money on maintaining the trail. You can hardly get them to sweep it off once a year, the trail is cracking and holes are forming but do they fix it? No.

They can do no maintenance on the trail until lately. (Someone) at the state put these yellow guards on the edge off each passing road or driveway of the trail to keep motor vehicle’s off the trail. What happen to a post on the trail? Those guards won’t affect a car at all so why waste the money and time to put them on this trail?

Those yellow guards keep nothing but rollerbladers and skateboarders off this “people friendly” Unity Trail. I’m a rollerblader and I do 15 miles every night on this trail until now. I fell trying to cross over one of those guards and got pretty banged up and sprained my ankle. Now if the state doesn’t want my doctor bill and others to follow they need to take this safety violating object out! You don’t maintain the trail why start now?

Quit wasting your time and our tax paying money spend it on more productive things like repaving K-Beach Road.

Teea McBride


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