Reader: Chenault makes borough better

Posted: Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The letter by Ray Metcalfe (Clarion, May 3) is wrong. Rep. Mike Chenault has done a great job representing our borough. Since oil activity provides a great deal of the jobs in our area, Rep. Chenault is understandably interested in being sure that this economic activity continues. This is because Rep. Chenault really cares about our area.

The oil companies provide good paying jobs for a great many people here on the Kenai Peninsula, as well as the taxes that provide for so much more government services here than in most cities and counties or boroughs.

Mr. Ray Metcalfe is wrong. Rep. Mike Chenault is one of the best representatives our area has ever had. It is because of him that we have so many more benefits than do other areas.

I am a senior citizen, so I am very cognizant of how much more the senior citizens centers offer here than in other areas of Alaska, including Anchorage. I very much appreciate what Rep. Mike Chenault and the other people representing our area have done for us. They have worked together to make life here so much better than other places. Anchorage has many more people representing them than does Kenai, yet our Kenai senior center provides more services to Kenai seniors than does the Anchorage senior center.

Everything is better here than in most other places because of people like Mike Chenault.

Esther Rhines


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