Let oil companies make money, but don’t leave holes

Posted: Wednesday, May 24, 2006

You know there is not much difference between the early gold miners and the present day oil companies. When the price of gold dropped, the gold miners left and all that the Alaskans got out of the gold was a little bit of work and a whole lot of holes in the ground, along with some infrastructure that the Alaskans had to pay tax to keep up.

But thanks to the efforts of Hugh Malone we now have the Alaska Permanent Fund. So when the oil runs out we will still have money coming in to the people if we can keep the politicians’ hands off of the permanent fund.

If Alberta, Canada, wants to cut their taxes and give their oil away, hurray for Alberta. I think we should get every penny the oil is worth, and as you know it is a nonrenewable resource, when it’s gone and there is no amount of wishing going to bring it back or wishing we had received more money from the oil, or done anything different.

As long as there is oil, there will be oil companies that will be drilling for the oil, as long as they can make a dollar. I, for one, do think it is right for the oil companies to make money but not make a fortune and leave the state of Alaska and the people of Alaska looking at more empty holes in the ground.

Charles A. Short


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