An idea to help out schools

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Thursday, May 24, 2007

Well, here’s an idea to help the school funding: Why can’t they have the money that should be left over from the area’s home-schoolers? They sure don’t give it to us.

For example, all we’ve cost the system for the last three years is the price of our books for our classes for the year. They don’t pay the parents anything to be teachers, (and I don’t think this should happen, I’m just glad to have my kid out of the situation of being picked on by other students, offered drugs, and so forth), but it would’ve cost the borough and state a lot more per kid if we’d sent our kids to the public school system, why can’t they just have it anyway?

“They” know where, who and how many of us who have home-schooled our kids that there are (I think there are quite a few), and the funds that should be available from that are just laying around(?) One would think, anyway.

There are things we can put in claims for and buy, but our computer, for example, is a better one already, and we haven’t put in for those things. I don’t suppose lots of the other families do either. It’s all part of the same community.

I’d like to see the school system succeed and do as good a job as it could.

Terry McNulty


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