Country built on immigration should embrace more people

Posted: Thursday, May 25, 2006

In his column in the May 18 Clarion, Cal Thomas says that we should not allow immigration of people south of our border because it would result in “changing the character and culture of America.”

I wonder what American culture he is concerned with? The culture of Native Americans? The culture brought to our shores by Northern Europeans? The English? Irish? Italians? Arabs? Asians? African-Americans? Hispanics?

What American character is he talking about? The character that allows a huge gap to develop between the rich and the poor? That allows millions to live in poverty, homeless, without adequate health care? That discriminates against several classes of citizens — homosexuals, blacks, Hispanics, women. The character of a nation that declares unprovoked war on other nations? That allows special interests to control the political process?

Perhaps an infusion of citizens from south of our border would change our character and culture, but perhaps the change would be for the better. Perhaps new immigrants would bring to this country an improved sense of peace and justice.

Ralph Van Dusseldorp


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