Reader: Shame on assembly

Posted: Thursday, May 25, 2006

Shame on the borough assembly members. The general public did not feel that the borough should be in the nursing home business and should stick to their elected job. But then again, they don’t do that very well either. But to blatantly buy Heritage Place for $999,999, knowing that by the votes in last election that one more dollar would have put it on the ballot for general election is an all-time low.

Shame on you. I hope that your constituents will not forget this at the next election and rise to the battle cry “no more incumbents.”

Until you begin to listen to your constituents and vote accordingly, you all need to go, starting from the top on down.

We the people think there is something rotten in the assembly building and perhaps taxation without representation is at an all-time high in every elected office in this nation.

Kathy Ramsey


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