Reader: Those representing us need to be more visible

Posted: Friday, May 26, 2006

I gotta say that in recent months/years I have become much more attune to the political climate and what is going on in government and with my money and more so with my civil liberties. I have written to my representatives, as I urge everyone to do, and I seek to make them understand that my views are not the same as some but definitely in line with the majority of the people I know and talk to on a daily basis. I have received several replies from Senator Murkowski, and a couple from Senator Stevens. And that is it.

I have written to Congressman Don Young as much as I have the senators, I have also recently began writing to our state representatives. I have received nothing from any of them.

What peeves me off is the lack of response from our state representatives. They have polite pictures on their Web sites, but after living here in the city of Kenai for many years, I have to admit that I have never seen either Sen. Thomas Wagoner nor the representative for my district, Kurt Olson. I find this very disturbing and after I realized it, I spoke to other members of the area and they reported to me that they had never seen these men ever either.

Now I wonder who has seen these men. The people who have voted for them — obviously someone had to have as they are our elected officials — should have known who they were or I would hope had met with them and knew where they stood on issue affecting the people in this state. But I have not.

I would ask everyone in the Kenai area and even across the peninsula have you ever seen or talked to, received a letter from or as they do in the Lower 48 had them come to your door and ask to talk with you about the issues affecting you and your state? I remember when Tony Knowles was campaigning for governor a while back, I remember because he came to my door and talked with me, my wife and mother-in-law about what he thought would be the right course for the state. We all didn’t agree on everything but that was OK, he talked to me and others on my street. He made an effort.

The issues concerning the state are many and very important with the PPT and the natural gas pipeline still on the table being only a part of them. I believe that it would behoove every man or woman who wants to be elected and serve this state in the political arena would make it a point to talk with those who are taking an interest and at least try to meet with some of the people who are most likely to put them into office. Simply ignoring what the people are saying makes no sense, especially now when most of us don’t have a lot of money to travel or entertain and are probably paying a lot more attention to the goings on because it affects our wallet so much more directly.

Dave Briscoe


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