Blueprints needed before house can be built

Posted: Friday, May 26, 2006

I enjoy reading the newspaper. At the same time, I also enjoy reading the comics and watching scary movies. So it only makes sense. In the “What others say” column titled “Let’s not miss this opportunity” printed in the May 19 edition, I was able to enjoy both at the same time.

I quote, “Which way should the state go? ... . The Legislature should review the governor’s draft contract with North Slope producers and listen to public comments, then approve it as swiftly as possible ... .” So that’s it? Listen to the public, but regardless of what the public voice says, the governor’s draft should be approved. It’s nice to know where the writer thinks a citizen of Alaska ranks.

The column also talks about how wonderful it would be, for all of us, for the producers to have a 20 percent rate with a 20 percent credit. Yeah! Sign me up too! Hey, you know what? If my taxes overall could be at 20 percent and then given a 20 percent credit for putting it back into the community, it would benefit all of Alaska right? I would have 20 percent more money to spend, so I could really boost our economy if I didn’t have to pay any taxes either.

Now the column goes on to say that we need to hurry up and get this approved before the gas prices fall and it becomes economically unfeasible. Then in the very next paragraph it starts out by saying that falling prices seem less likely to happen.

So, let’s “strike while the iron’s hot” so we don’t “blow this deal.” And it’s signed “— Voice of the Times, Anchorage.” Are you sure that you’re really not an executive from Exxon, or BP, or ConocoPhillips? Come on now ... tell us the truth.

As for me, well, I would rather have a chance to see the blueprints before I decide to build the house.

Eddie Willets


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