Gulf of Mexico spill tragic

Posted: Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This is it! Another oil spill, lives lost, then what happens?

Folks try to seek out the technology to help "clean it up," it should "never" have been spilled. Remember the Valdez? Did they not "learn" anything? Apparently "not," so here it is "again." There is "no excuse," not a one I could possibly think of except a seizure, a complete "negligence."

If anyone can come up with an excuse, I'm all ears. There are none.

Now the blame game will commence and take form.

It's to late for that, don't you think?

The "facts remain" of irreversible "damage!"

The "food chain," the "aquatic life" has now, and in the past been "disturbed" that's the realism of things, now here again.

There is no technology that can save this insurmountable error from "Mother Nature's wrath," it is here, all around us, in a very large way. Just look around earthquakes, floods, tornados all the weather stations whether or not, it's all here.

Janet Faulkner


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