Plan to rid Soldotna of tourist riffraff coming together nicely

Posted: Tuesday, May 27, 2003

I think Soldotna should install a toll booth. It appears that city officials have a well organized business plan that is nearly in place. Now they need to move to the next phase.

The game plan that has come to pass is to rid the town of the tourist riffraff. This has been done it three phases:

By establishing the town as the home of the "free radical";

By "guiding" the general population off the river;

And, in these hard economic times, getting rid of the riffraff that are trying to stretch their vacation dollars. It was especially fitting that the city offered police assistance in clearing out the undesirables from the private parking lot. Goes right along with the image created in points 1 and

What is needed now is to establish a toll booth to nab those fools trying to sneak through town without leaving all their money. That would make it the best of everything: not having to put up with tourists and still have all their money. Reminds one of medieval times when the "robber barons" controlled access to the river ford.

Hey, maybe the toll money could be used to advertise what a great place Soldotna is, which would bring more money to the toll booth. Also, some of the money could be used to lobby that no bridges be built over the Kenai River, unless they are in the city limits of Soldotna.

I like it when a plan comes together.

William L. Hightower


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