Charges far too harsh; it was just an accident

Posted: Tuesday, May 27, 2003

I can't believe there hasn't been more of a public rising about the charges brought against Mr. Petterson. I think there will be once everybody gets over the shock of the absurd extent of the charges being brought against him. He is not an evil person, he didn't go looking to hurt anybody that day or any day before or after this accident.

I think the district attorney's office should have a severe talking to by every judge in the Kenai courthouse about abusing its power. Before we even think about taking an honest to goodness traffic accident this far, our district attorney's office better start doing a far better job at prosecuting drunk drivers in our community. Have you picked up the paper and read the court reports in the last, say, 10 years? How many drunk drivers get a slap on the hand and a quick little fine and go on their merry way to the

bar? That, my friend, would be disregard for another human being's life.

To anybody in our community that may for some ungodly reason agree with what the district attorney is doing, don't talk on that cell phone, have a conversation with any passengers in your vehicle, look at your kids in the backseat, roll your window up or down, or mess with your

radio or heater because if you got in an accident then you would be guilty, too.

Let's all realize how ridiculous this is and voice our objection to these absurd charges.

Lisa M. Best


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