Posted: Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I would like to think and believe that as we all get older the wiser we become and also that we start taking better care of ourselves by eating more healthy foods. In my opinion our bodies start working less efficiently and less productive as the many individual parts become worn and simply do not work as well as they once did. A good example is getting a hangover much easier at 40 or 50 simply because your body no longer gets rid of the alcohol in your system as efficiently as it did when you were much younger.

I know at age 20 I could have easily ran ten miles without much difficulty where as today I might get three or four leg cramps for even thinking of undertaking such a project. Does that mean I am less active today then I was at 20? Not at all, however I do realize that I travel at a much slower pace today than I did back then. But I also drive a whole lot slower too so maybe it is all part of this getting wiser thing and not wasting any steps in whatever projects I am under taking.

I once found a diet on the computer that showed how to eat healthier and combined it with 2 to 3 hours of basketball each evening and I followed it perfectly for two weeks. I ate only what was listed on the diet and never ate anything in the evening after 6pm. After 2 weeks I put on two lbs.! The only diet I have been able to lose weight on is the Atkins Diet.

We have all heard about the eating healthy suggestions for many years and for many of us eating healthy just isn't a very easy chore. I personally have been trying to follow a healthy type diet for years but have been having a difficult time because they keep changing the rules! For example, I substituted Splenda for sugar and now I read that there is chlorine used in Splenda and that it also is a health risk. Then there are real horror stories out there about aspartine which is found in most diet pop. In fact it's a real challenge just to find a diet pop that does not have aspartine in it.

Then there is the thing about eating eggs. Too high in cholesterol according to many studies and bacon has too much salt and also too much cholesterol. Don't eat red meat either and our fish have mercury and other toxins in them. The pigs have swine flu and the cows are all mad and chickens have bird flu. Then you add into account the 60 minute TV documentary from a few years back about how 30% of our chicken was leaving the processing plants with salmonella poisoning due to unsanitary butchering processes, despite being federally inspected daily.

Not only have they already listed most of our food as being unsafe, now there is all kinds of new stuff out about how we cook our food. I have read reports where up to 90 % of our food nutrients are destroyed in the microwave oven. I have also read where it claims we are putting deadly toxins in our food by microwaving through those plastic things used to keep our food from getting all over the insides of the microwave.

Then there is the report that we are getting toxins from the Teflon in our frying pans because through time all this Teflon comes off and ends up being eaten in our food. I'm sure we have all owned or at least seen a Teflon frying pan with most of the Teflon gone from inside of it. Where do you suppose all that Teflon went? Is Teflon safe or even healthy for you to eat?

What about aluminum pans? Are they safe or are they too giving us deadly toxins? Have you ever scrubbed out an aluminum pan and then put clean water in it and scrubbed it again and instantly the water turns gray again. No matter how long you scrub that pan it keeps turning the water gray! Is this safe or are we also putting toxins in our system by cooking in aluminum?

Besides all this we have also heard about the dangers of trans fats, margarine (you know the once thought safe, one molecule from being plastic stuff) and other cooking oils. I personally do not even allow margarine in my house and if I find it, it is on the way to the dump! Do you know bugs won't even eat this stuff?

Another thing I personally have a problem with is milk. I think a little milk is good for us although I am not happy about BGH (hormone added to make cows produce more milk) being used by a few farmers. Do you realize that 2% milk is 98% fat free? What can you drink that has no caffeine and is 98% fat free?

So now that we have all been mislead, confused or just plain lied to about our food and how to prepare it, what should we do? Prepare most of our own like our parents and grandparents use to? Go out hunting and start eating more wild game? What about the new jabbering about lead in our meat? I have eaten wild game all my life and take great care in following each pathway where a bb or lead bullet may have entered the body. Very few times have I ever found lead at the dinner table from something I had shot and cleaned. Certainly not enough to cause any health concerns. I haven't even chipped a tooth yet.

I think I am going back to the old cast iron skillets and get away from Teflon and the microwave ovens and try to eat only healthy foods. "Hey hurry up with my breakfast, what is taking so long to cook bacon and eggs? Bring me my milk and butter too and don't forget the lead free moose steak either." (It was a road kill, no lead, only plastic and glass!)

See you next week!

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