Time for a new face in Congress

Posted: Friday, May 28, 2010

I have always admired Congressman Young, always will, but I see new names. I think we are in dire need of "new"! It's time. One candidate I hear has lived in Alaska around two years. To me, that does not make an Alaskan, no non-Alaskan gets my vote. Sorry, but it's about Alaska! Ten years or more to be an experienced Alaskan who has the right to stand for us. Someone who wants to save our U.S and Alaska constitutions. Someone to fight for our elderly to have the care they deserve and need. Someone who is not afraid to stand up to the Federal Government and say "No! We do it our way in AK!" Someone who can and will listen to the voices of Alaska and hear us, over everyone else. I dont want a "suit" in D.C, telling us the best way to do things, who has never stepped on Alaskan soil. I want an Alaskan who cares about Alaska!

The choice is yours. The choice is mine. The right choice is John R. Cox for Congress. A true Alaskan, who is prepared to be there for us. Know the choices. Read John's bio and hear what he has to say. With a man like John R. Cox running for Congress, why vote for someone who is not even a true Alaskan? Don't vote for money, prestige, or impossible promises. Vote for reality, honesty, and for Alaska! September Primary, vote for Jon R. Cox for Congress. My choice, and Alaska's choice.

Garnet Morey


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