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Posted: Friday, May 28, 2010

Congratulations to the high school graduates this week, and to the Kenai Peninsula College grads of this year.

We could craft some pithy words here of inspiration, guidance, bright hopes for the future. Obviously, we want you all to be happy and prosperous throughout your lives.

But we're not sure we could say anything you haven't already heard from other people who've been far more influential in your lives.

Your parents, step-parents, aunts or uncles.

Maybe there have been inspiring teachers in your life. Maybe a coach or a counselor. A minister, maybe.

Perhaps there has been a special grandparent in your life whose uplifting words stick with you.

A best friend could've been your inspiration. Sometimes, true friends are the most reliable people in our lives. Sometimes it's a true friend who tells you the truths you need to hear.

Point is, rather than the Peninsula Clarion trying to come up with some wisdom to bestow, we'd rather suggest that this year's batch of graduates think back on who have been your inspirations. Think about why they boosted you, supported you, stood by you.

In short: Go out into the world and make the people who supported you proud.

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