Driving smart on Peninsula roads

Posted: Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day weekend, and the hordes approach. We know what the highway traffic is going to be like.

We all know what the rules of the road are -- keep the speeds sane, keep the passing to a minimum and legal, use pullouts when you create a line of five vehicles behind you.

Basically, we all know to use our heads to stay safe on the roads. It's always the other driver who causes the problem.

Obviously, law enforcement will be extra heavy all weekend, and we expect traffic officers are going to be especially impatient with any infractions they can catch. We all would rather that a cop write a book full of citations than have to attend to a fatal collision later.

But police can't be everywhere.

It's that other person who never reads editorials like these that are published every year at this time in just about every newspaper on a road system. It's always those other idiots who push the envelope and drive around with their heads stuck where the sun don't shine.

Watch out for those folks, too, this weekend. And, please, please, please don't be that person.

In short: Count to 10 and stay safe out there this weekend. Please.

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